Mechanical Engineering: MACHINE MADNESS

3 students

LEGO® Online Enrichment Classes from LEAP4Kidz™  offers an integrated STEM enrichment curriculum including science, technology, engineering, math, as well as history, language arts, and critical problem solving  to children using LEGO® bricks.  All classes are Asynchronous and can be accessed at anytime during the session.  Each class includes a video mechanical lesson, a video concept lesson, build instructions, vocabulary, additional learning challenges, and downloadable teaching tools.

This class is recommended for students 8 years old and up, or that have taken previous mechanical building classes.  This class is specially designed to teach

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • spatial reasoning and fine motor skills
  • introduction to Physics, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving
  • Language Arts, History, and more.
  • introduction to mechanical motion using levers, gears, pulleys, and cranks, as well as motors and battery pack
  • Course lessons outlines multiple machines, introduces the concept of simple and complex machines, outlines how energy is transferred. 
  • Build Catapults, Conveyor Belts, Airplanes, and Cars!

This is a hands-on mechanical engineering class where students will build and design with Legos and receive an introduction to levers, gears, pulleys, cranks and more using batteries and motors to bring their creations to life!  All LEGO bricks, gears, and electronics are provided and are yours to keep!

When you purchase the class, you will be mailed your BrickBox of specially chosen Legos, along with your sign in and password access to the website.




Area:    Online

Class:    Mechanical Engineering_MACHINE MADNESS

Day:    Any

Dates:    2024/25

Session Dates:    2024/25

Time:    Anytime


Grades:    1st - 5th

Session:    2024/25

Price:    $395