LEAP4Kidz® and Leap Enrichment® were founded in 2009, to bring a fun, hands on LEGO® based curriculum to the eastside for kids from 3 – 12 years old.  LEAP curriculum and programs have been taught in over 15 school districts over the last 14 years to ~35,000 kids and is growing.

LEAP created a proprietary STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) program uses LEGO bricks as a means to teach multiple structural and mechanical engineering lessons, which also include language arts, history, geography, anthropology, and an introduction to understanding of how things work, invention, and product design.

Now including Art, Coding, CAD, Movie Making and Digital Art computer classes, LEAP offers a variety of Online, In Person and eClasses for asynchronous and 1/1 learning.  LEAP offers weekly classes and full week summer/break camps.

LEAP classes and camps provide a full STEAM curriculum across multiple learning styles and age groups to engage a wide variety of students. The varied curriculum is available here.

LEAP is able to modify and adapt our curriculum to your needs for weeks, locations, content, and budget.