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Do you love playing with Legos?  So do millions of school-age children.  You can start your own business immediately teaching structured play STEM+ classes for kids 3-12 in your community.

Start Now with a Leap4Kidz Brick Box.


LEAP is the easiest way to start a successful business!  LEAP is NOT a franchise, so you don't need tens of thousands of dollars to get started.  All you need is to buy our easy-to-use programs and start your first class right away. LEAP Education Brick Box has everything you need to teach a STEM+ class: Materials, Lesson Plans, Build instructions, Teacher Guide, Carry Case and more. Start teaching and earning right away!

Freedom to choose your hours
Conduct your classes anytime you want.  You can work part-time or full-time.  You can even hire part-time employees to work for you. Brick Box is designed to be a home based business, that is mobile to were your community needs you: school, library, youth groups, church, home schooling, community organizations. Take your class to your customers.

Proven program that kids and teachers love
Our programs are built around our proprietary model plans for Structural and Mechanical Engineering, kid tested and teacher approved. Programs are easy to follow for teachers and students.

High demand for STEM Education
LEAP programs teach the fundamentals of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) while adding language arts, history, social studies, social emotional learning, and more! Play based, hands on learning is the best model to meet educational goals



Kids 3-8


Structural Engineering


Kids 6-12


Mechanical Engineering


Kids 4-12


Math &

All programs come with everything you need to start teaching immediately. LEAP provides a proven system of project based learning that anyone can teach “out of the box”. No complicated franchise rules, no royalties on your hard work, no limits to your growth. Start now with your LEAP Brick Box System.

Each Brick Box includes LEGO materials for a class of up to 24 kids, 24+ lesson plans, teacher guides for each lesson, printable handouts for the kids to take home, all in a carry box with mobile cart.

Purchase more than one program box and SAVE!

Additional lessons, programs, white papers, and instructions are available. Expand you business as you need.

As a franchise owner, you actually own NOTHING. Your business name, brand, materials, location, and systems are all under someone else’s control. They can require royalties on sales, marketing fees, monthly access fees, and some require sales minimums or risk having your franchise taken away.

As a business owner of a LEAP Education Brick Box system, you are in control of your own business, brand, systems, territories, and never have to pay royalties or additional marketing fees. LEAP will provide you will all the materials for you to run your own business, and you are free to change it, grow it, adapt it to your needs*.

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