Camp: Jr Robotics Engineering

Location: Clara Barton Elementary (Redmond)

Ages: 2nd - 5th grade (7-11 years)

Dates: 7/12 – 7/16 (M-F)

Time: 12:30pm - 3:00pm


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LEGO® Jr Robotics summer camp from LEAP4Kidz™ offers an introduction to STEM building and programming of Lego Robots and Machines using computers, sensors, and Lego Programming software.

Build multiple models focusing on a different sensor or area of programming while solving challenges.  Create projects big and small, individual and in teams, while practicing STEM skills in reasoning, math, design, and problem-solving.

Students must know how to turn on/off computer, use a mouse, and save a file prior to class.

Each camp/class includes a mechanical engineering/science/physics lesson, with building instructions of multiple models, vocabulary, and problem solving challenges. This class is recommended for students 7 – 11 years old, or that have taken previous mechanical building classes.  This class is specially designed to teach:

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • Spatial reasoning and fine motor skills
  • Introduction to Physics, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving
  • Cause and effect programing, persistence and resilience, visualization of concepts 
  • Explore mechanical motion using levers, gears, pulleys, and cranks, as well as programing of motion and sensors
  • Introduction to mechanical machines, motion, cause and effect, invention, and development of machines and tools

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